Yacine Rezgui

Creative software engineer
Developer advocate at Google

Where should I host my static website?

When I recreated my website last April, I had to choose a hoster.

For a while, I have been using GitHub Pages for different projects with Jekyll, and it worked well. However, since I joined IBM as a developer advocate, I’ve been travelling in many countries around the world, and it has been such a pain to visit websites which are hosted in East America (I’m looking at you us-east-1). Even with fibre optic connection, I still struggle to display pages in a reasonable time.

I didn’t want to have this experience for my website. Also, I didn’t want to maintain any infrastructure, so I chose to a static geneToday many solutions to host static websites exist, so I had to find, test and compare them to figure out which one suits me. Here are the parameters I was testing:

  • No lock-in
  • Easy onboarding
  • Caching flexibility
  • Extendibility
  • Network performance (latency, speed)
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Moving back to my website

Well, I guess history always repeats itself. After blogging on Medium.com for four years, here am I writing back again on my website.

I’ve been blogging for thirteen years already. I started by writing using Microsoft FrontPage, and it was terrific! The feeling of writing content that is visible to the world was incredible. I can understand how an author can enjoy doing his job.

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